Whoa! Slow Your Roll Sista Affirmations Don’t Work!

Outside of the loss of a loved one etc. one of the most challenging things that we will experience in our lives is knowing what to believe. How do we reconcile what we know at a deep and intrinsic level, which is our truth, with a bill of goods that we are continuously being sold? Eat eggs, don’t eat eggs, walk 15 minutes daily, don’t walk, drink 8 glasses of water a day, drink your weight in ounces and on and on. These bills of goods are being packaged as OUR truth, even though they are counter-intuitive to who and what we are.

As a meta-physician and choice expert, I know the importance of doing “your own due diligence.” I understand and embrace the need to go within self and access the answers to life’s questions. So I surprised myself when I recently read that affirmations don’t work.

This comes from an author and coach that is teaching people how to create abundance. He spoke a lot about the energy field of potentiality and infinite possibilities. For a minute, just for a minute I started to buy into the author’s theory as to why affirmations don’t work. I chose to go to a place of lack and limitation. I chose to question my core beliefs to see if I was in alignment with the disincarnate voice coming to me from the words on the page.

I had the audacity to ask myself, have all the things that I have “INTENTIONALLY” manifested based on using affirmations been a fluke? “Whoa! Slow your roll, sister!” I did slow my roll and I found myself in a place where I had to slap (hard) and snap myself out of that mental space.


I know that affirmations work. Every word, every thought that I have had in order of emotional priority is being affirmed, and therefore WILL manifest. That is the Universal Law of Action and Reaction or the scientific terminology is cause and effect. When your energy flows to where your attention is, the energy will move into form if the right internal situation is present. Belief powered by emotion creates the perfect Universal environment for manifestation. My life, your life our lives are living proof of our POWERFUL ability to affirm and make that which we believe into something tangible or real.

Questions self Do your own due diligence. DO NOT take my word or anyone else’s as your gospel for making choices in your life. Check in with your INNER self to see what feels intuitively right for you. Then act on that feeling, remembering that where you place your emotional intentions or focus is construed as your belief. So what priority has your emotional attention? Do you want that which your attention is focused on, to manifest in your life? If the answer is no, then pour your emotional energy into what you do want or what you intend to happen!


Oh and the book I was reading, it made me aware that I need to harness my energy a bit more. By not squander it on things that won’t bear the fruit I AM wanting. Too, it affirmed to me, that I AM, through the power of my conscious awareness of choice, the creator of the life that I AM currently experiencing.

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